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Flower Quilt Patterns | Everything Flowers

Flower Quilt Patterns

When you are making quilts, the possibilities to create patterns are endless. I never stop being surprised over all the skilled quilters’ creativity; it is amazing. Even if most quilting patterns are based on squares, you can with the appliqué technique make any design on the quilt. And this is why you can also have flowers as decoration!

Here below are some few patterns for you to create your own piece of art!

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Blossoms Pattern


Grandmother’s Flower Garden Quilt Tutorial



The following quilting pattern with flowers are free:

The spring time bloom pattern is a pattern suitable for a beginner to quilting. It is made by 10×10 blocks, with outer seam allowance. The Glasgow rose stained glass pattern is a pattern for an intermediate quilter and for the Twinkling Tulip that are a little more advanced you need to be quit experienced with quilting.

All three of them are beautiful inspiring patterns!

Click the Image and Get the Free Pattern:

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spring glasgow
Spring Time Bloom Quilt Block Pattern (free)  Glasgow Rose Stained Glass Template  (free)

Twinkling Tulip Pattern



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