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Knitted Flower Patterns | Everything Flowers

Knitted Flower Patterns

To knit flowers is many knitters’ favorite projects. The flowers are not only beautiful, but also quick and fast and can be used in many different ways.  The three patterns below are free for download if you click the image or the link below.  Have fun knitting some great embellishments!

Free Knitting Flower Patterns:

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Winter Flower Simple Knit Flowers Pattern I Hour Knit Flower Pattern 


Here are some examples on how to use your knitted flowers:

  • Use them as beautiful decorations on hats, shawls and headbands!
  • Brighten up your dull pillow with some colorful knitted flower!
  • A flower embellishment is looking great on your summer bag!
  • Let your kitchen bloom by adding flowers to your hot pad or dishcloth!


Beautiful Knitting Patterns:

The following flowers are all very easy to make and any knitter with basic knitting skills can make them. They are all easy knit flowers for hats, headbands etc. The summer knit petal patterns are great as embellishments on any summer project!  Why not apply them to your strand bag or purse? Go wild with colors and mix it any way you like! Great way of taking care of left over yarn!

The Christmas Poinsettias look a little bit advanced at first glance, but it is also a beginner pattern, so why not make a bunch for Christmas?

The felted flowers are knitted in sections and sewn together which make it very simple knitted flower to make. The felted look you get by washing them in your machine.  The pattern comes with detailed instructions.

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Summer Petals Knit Flower_1 christmas flower poinsettia Felt Flowers Jo
Summer Petal Knit Flower Pattern Christmas Flower Poinsetta Pattern  Felt Flowers Jo Pattern 



Knitting Some Fun Stuff!

Below I put up some fun knitting flower patterns in case you were in the mood for something cute and fun!

The forever flower is perfect to put in a place where a living plant would not like it, such as on the desk or somewhere in a dark spot. You need to have some knitting skills in order to make it.

Even the flower dude pattern needs an experienced knitter; nothing for a novice. The simple knitted flower cupcake that is such a cute asset for the kitchen, comes with a pattern that any beginner will make!

Click the image and buy the pattern on the next page:

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Flower Dude
Forever Flower Pattern  Flower Dude Pattern

Flower Cupcake Pattern


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