The Meaning of White Roses

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White Roses for Peace

White roses are one of the most popular rose color choices available.

As with other white things, like doves, white roses represent purity, innocence, peace and commencement.

As such, they are often given as gifts to celebrate the beginning of different occasions.

For example, at the birth of a baby, the mother and father may receive white roses to celebrate the new life they have brought into the world.

Similarly, white roses are a traditional gift when a couple first gets engaged or at their actual wedding.

White Flower Color Meaning

In addition, the white rose can also symbolize reverence and honor. In this way, they are a symbol of remembrance, perhaps in funeral flowers arrangements, for memorial service or on a national holiday where veterans are being honored.

It is a common site to see large arrangements of white roses at a soldier’s funeral or memorial. They are meant to bring peace to the families and honor that person’s memory.

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