The Meaning of Yellow Roses

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Yellow Roses Meaning

Yellow roses are one of the most cheerful flowers at the flower shop.

They are sunny like the sun in the sky and bright enough to brighten anyone’s day.

They bring with them a youthful vibrancy and give warm feelings to whomever they are being given to as a gift.

Most often, yellow roses are associated with friendship and joy. As such, the gift of yellow roses is often a way of saying how good of a friendship the two parties have. I

n this way, generally speaking, yellow roses are not usually associated with romantic love or desire. Red roses are of course the classic rose color for romance, and pink roses are also closely linked with love.

But yellow roses are all about friendship, happiness and warmth. Occasions upon with yellow roses are given often have to do with graduations, birthdays or other occasions of congratulations among friends and friends alone.

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